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Celosia is a popular plant due to its plumes of bright foliage. It’s one of the older ornamental plants that has been used in flower beds for a long time. Celosia is easy to grow and low maintenance which equates to gardening success.

There are two types of celosia. Crested (cristata) types have unique blooms that resemble brain coral. Plume (plumosa) types have upward pointing spire-like blooms that resemble flames.

Celosia provides flower beds and borders eye-catching color all season long with minimal care. It does very well in full sun in the the hot summer with adequate water. Both types of flowers can be cut for bouquets or dried for arrangements

We grow several different varieties of Celosia in several sizes – J6 (606), #4 (1801) and #6.

Cockscomb Mix

Cockscomb Mix Celosia is one of the smaller varieties of celosia. It is the crested type with unusual blooms that are wavy and brightly colored.

It looks great in flower bed borders as well as mixed in with other plants in a container.

Cockscomb Mix grows 6-8″ tall. Plant 6-8″ apart in full sun.

It is available in J6 (606) flats.

cockscomb mix


Kimono celosia is a dwarf series of celosia.  The red, orange and yellow flower plumes are bright and stand out against the green foliage.

Kimono’s flower plumes resemble a flame from a fire in both color and shape. They work well as front border plants in flower bed due to them not growing more than 6-8″ tall.

Kimono grows 6-8″ tall. Plant 6-8″ apart in full sun.

Kimono Mix, Kimono Orange, Kimono Red and Kimono Yellow are available in J6 (606) flats.

New Look

New Look Celosia has deep red plumes that stand out against its red/burgundy foliage. When summer progresses, the colors of the blooms and foliage deepen.

New Look thrives in the summer heat and humidity in both drought or rainy conditions. It grows bigger than its smaller cousin, Kimono. New Look fills out flower beds and containers easily and will keep looking awesome through the heat of summer.

New Look grows 12-16″ tall. Plant New Look 12-14″ apart in full sun.

It is available in J6 (606) flats.

new look celosia

First Flame Purple

First Flame Purple Celosia is a unique celosia color that adds a lot of pizzazz to landscapes and container gardens. It is a mid-sized Celosia that is a little taller than the Ice Cream series.

It is ideal for southern flower beds. It has well-branched plants with bright, bushy deep purple plumes that won’t fade in the sun.

First Flame Purple grows 10-14″ tall. Plant New Look 10-14″ apart in full sun.

It is available in #4 (1801) flats.

first flame purple celosia
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Ice Cream

The Ice Cream Celosia series has large, tight flower plumes on mid-sized plants. The colors are bold and won’t fade in the heat of summer.

So fill your bowl (or flower bed) with yellow, cherry, orange, and pink plumes. Your flower beds will truly be a tasty treat for the eyes with Ice Cream Celosia!

Ice Cream Celosia provides flower beds and borders eye-catching color all season long and require minimal care.

Ice Cream will grow 10-12″ tall. Plant 8-10″ apart in full sun.

Ice Cream Orange, Ice Cream Cherry, Ice Cream Yellow and Ice Cream Mix are available in #4 (1801) flats.

Dragon’s Breath

Dragon’s Breath Celosia is a newer and exciting summer annual. With it’s extra large plumes of fiery red and reddish-green foliage, it will burn brightly in any landscape or patio container.

The flower color is strong and won’t fade. Dragon’s Breath provides flower beds and containers eye-catching color and require minimal care. Flower plumes resemble a tongue of dragon’s fire in both color and shape.

Dragon’s Breath blooms under short days in the spring/early summer and during the fall. At the height of summer, it’s red leaves provide an interesting colorful foliage aspect to containers or beds.

This is the perfect plant for hot, humid climates and the person who might forget to water regularly. Too much fertilizer will cause the leaves to lose their red tint and return to plain green.

Plant Dragon’s Breath 12-16″ apart in full sun. Grows 20-24″ tall.

Dragon’s Breath is available in #6 pots in our #6 Deluxe Annual category.

dragons breath celosia
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