Cherry Cola Heuchera (Coral Bells)

Cherry Cola Heuchera (Coral Bells) has foliage that is reddish brown. The edges of the leaves have rounded lobes. Late in the spring red stems hold clusters of red to orangy-red, bell-shaped flowers high above the colorful foliage. Lighter leaved varieties require more shade than darker leaved varieties so provide this one with part to full shade.

Heuchera comes in many different colors and can brighten up shady spots in your garden. They were named after Johan Heinrich von Heucher, an 18th century German professor of medicine and a botanist. He specialized in medicinal plants and authored several books. There are 50-70 species of Heuchera that are native to North America. They attract nectar-loving critters such as hummingbirds and butterflies to their bell-shaped flowers from late spring to early fall. These flowers are often a pinkish or reddish color and where the nickname “Coral Bells” is derived. The flower clusters are held above the colorful foliage on wiry stems. The foliage of Heuchera can differ greatly in color, size and leaf shape. They range from deep purple to bronze, chartreuse, green and more with leaves that can be smooth, wavy or ruffled. The darker the leaf, the more sun a plant can tolerate and the lighter yellow the leaf, the less sun it can tolerate.

Size: #1QT

Spacing: Plant 18″ to 24″ apart.

Height: Grows 12″ to 18″ tall.

How To Grow: Plant in part sun to shade.

Outstanding Features:  Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Deer resistant.

Tips: Prefers moist fertile soil but will not stand wet conditions.

Uses: Garden Bed, Containers, Borders, Landscapes, Cut Flowers, Ground Cover, Rock Gardens

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