Colorful Wave Petunias and Caliente Geraniums

Still figuring out this mobile blogging from my blackberry. I tried to do a post with 9 pictures yesterday but that didn’t work. I know I can post with 1 pic so this morning I will try 2.

We have a good selection of Wave Petunias with lots of color including the new Easy Wave Violet and Easy Wave Plum Vein.

Update: I seem to be able to post only 1 pic at a time so I’ll post the wave pic later.

We also have our first Caliente Geranium baskets that are staring to show color. We switched from the old ivy type geraniums to the new Caliente geraniums which are a cross between ivy and zonal geraniums. The Caliente geraniums exhibit ivy geranium type blooms but with a more mounding habit that is semi-trailing and also has better disease resistance.

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