Confetti Gardens Trials – New For Spring 2010

There have been several companies come out with unrooted cutting combinations programs were the cutting supplier picks out a two or three plant combination or a monoculture mix colors.  These selections are picked for their similarity in growing cultures allowing the grower to root the cutting together in the same plug.  Once these are rooted and transplanted, their growth is intertwined into a true combination versus the all-to-often-seen combination of several plants growing out at different directions, never truly growing together.

Our choice for the program was the Confetti Gardens from Dummen.

We ordered in some Confetti to trial this fall to trial.  We’re pleased with they way they turned out and plan on offering them next spring in both pots and baskets.  Contact us or email us at info[at]parksbrothers[dot]com if you would like more information on this program.

Also here is a link about Confetti from Greenhouse Grower.

I wish there was more color on these but with all the cloudy weather we’ve had and the shorter days, this was the best we can do without lighting them which we may have to consider for the early spring crops.

confetti64 confetti66

confetti68 confetti70

confetti72 confetti73

confetti76 confetti77

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