Confetti Gardens

We spent Sunday and Monday in Ohio at the Short Course and Trade Show.  There were quite a few new ideas and plants that we wanted to run by you and see what you thought of them.

This first one is the Confetti Garden program from Dummen.  Dummen spent two-years researching and has come up with a bunch of different combinations that growers like us can root and grow together with out a lot of difference in plant habits.  One of the biggest challenges for a grower (us) is to come up with plant combinations that can grow together.  We have to be careful and not put a vigorous growing plant with slow growers or one that needs a pgr with two that do not.  Well, Dummen has done all the research for us and come up with pre-tested combinations.  Another new aspect to these combinations is that the growers can purchase unrooted cuttings and stick (root) these cuttings together in the same plug liner.  This means that each liner will have 2 or 3 plants in it.  So instead of having a combo that we have to plant 3-6 liners in it, we can plant 1 confetti garden liner and get 2 or 3 plants.  Plus these plants are growing close together and as they grow out the plants become intertwined and make a more uniform color spread across the combination. 

Do you think that this will be a popular program? 

Does this sound like a program that you would like to carry in your garden center? 

What sizes would you like to see these grown in?

Let us know so that we can grow them for you!

Here is what their website says:

Confetti Garden

Confetti Garden recommendations are mixed varieties of vegetative plants matching in color, timing, and vigor.

Utilize the finished product in many different applications:

  • Attractive rack combinations.
  • Mixed Containers or baskets.
  • Matching colors for unique decorations.

Fourteen combinations containing:

  • Three Petunia Confettis
  • Three Calibrachoa Confettis
  • Eight Petunia, Calibrachoa, and Verbena Confettis

Plant these combinations and experience how easy it can be to grow a unique product!



Also here are the videos of the Confetti Garden plants at the show. 

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