Cora Cascade XDR Vinca

#12 Cora Cascade Vinca Basket
cora cascade xdr vinca basket

Cora Cascade XDR Vinca is a cascading variety of Vinca with blooms galore and a better ability to survive in wet conditions. The blooms are large and cover the plant as it trails up to 2 feet! 

Vinca is always a favorite for hot locations because of its heat and drought tolerance, and Cora Cascade XDR gives you more choices to dress up your summer landscape and patio.

You may have tried Cora XDR Vinca which is known for disease tolerance. Cora Cascade XDR has the same disease tolerance to Aerial Phytophthora, making them one of the best Vincas you can put in your flower beds.

Phytophthora is a fungus that affects bedding plants and usually starts with a wilted stem that progresses to a wilted plant that dies with in 1-2 weeks of the first wilted stem. Phytophthora flourishes in cool (less that 75 degrees), wet conditions. Frequent, unnecessary overhead irrigation and heavy fertilization contribute to the disease. If you’ve had vinca die, it was probably due to the phytophthora fungus.

Cora Cascade XDR Vinca is low maintenance. It is great for containers and baskets and looks great as a landscape border.  It also works well as a trailing annual planted where it can cascade over a wall or other landscape feature.

Plant Cora Cascade XDR Vinca in full sun 24-36″ apart. Grows 6-10″ tall and can spread up to 24″ wide.

We grow Cora Cascade in #4.5 Premium, #10 Hanging Baskets and #12 Hanging Basket sizes. The colors we produce in #4.5 are Apricot, Lilac, Polka Dot, Punch, Strawberry, Violet and White.

In the #10 and #12 Hanging Baskets we grow an assortment of mono-color and mixed baskets. These are not sold by the color or mix.

#4.5 Premium Annual Cora Cascade XDR Colors


Our #10 Cora Cascade XDR Vince Hanging Baskets have 5 plants per basket, and we grow 7 colors and 3 mixes. Cora Cascade baskets are not sold by color. Order filling is grower’s choice of the best we have. Cora Cascade baskets are an excellent choice for summer patios and are one of our best selling baskets.

cora cascade xdr vinca basket


Our #12 Cora Cascade XDR Vinca Baskets have 6 plants per baskets. We grow 3 colors – Apricot, Punch and Strawberry. They are not sold by the color and orders are grower’s choice.

cora cascade vinca 12in bskt
#12 Cora Cascade Apricot XDR Vinca Hanging Basket
cora cascade xdr apricot vinca
cora cascade xdr punch vinca syngenta

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