Cora Vinca

Cora Vinca produces an abundance of showy, 2″ blooms over lush, glossy foliage. Cora is robust and heat-loving and quickly fills in garden beds. This eye-catching plant is very easy to grow and more disease resistant than other varieties of Vinca.

Cora Vinca is low maintenance, drought tolerant and loves the heat of summer. It has an upright, mounding habit that fills out containers and landscapes perfectly.

The best feature of Cora is its resistance to Aerial Phytophthora. Phytophthora is a fungus that affects bedding plants and usually starts with a wilted stem that progresses to a wilted plant that dies with in 1-2 weeks of the first wilted stem. Phytophthora flourishes in cool (less that 75 degrees), wet conditions. Frequent, unnecessary overhead irrigation and heavy fertilization contribute to the disease. If you’ve had vinca die it was probably due to the phytophthora fungus.

Be sure to wait until late spring to plant vinca. It needs warm soil temperature.

Plant Cora Vinca in full sun 14-18″ apart. It will grow 14-18″ tall.

We grow Cora Vinca in our #4.5 Premium category. The colors we grow are Apricot, Deep Strawberry, Magenta Halo, Orchid, Punch and White.

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