Yellow Tickseed

Coreopsis are native to the Americas, the tropical parts of Africa and Hawaii.  They are often seen growing in fields and along the roadside.  The name Coreopsis comes from the Greek words koris, meaning bug and opsis, meaning like. This is where they get their nickname “Tickseed”, because their seeds resemble ticks.

Coreopsis is a popular, versatile perennial and is often used in containers, borders and landscapes for their bright 1-2″ blooms and good summer heat tolerance. They offer a wide variety of bloom types and colors to chose from and butterflies really like them.

Coreopsis are available in our Quart Perennial category and we carry the varieties below.

Golden Sphere Coreopsis

Yellow Tickseed

Golden Sphere has golden-yellow blooms that are double resembling a marigold. Enjoy the sunny flowers from mid spring to mid fall. 

Plant Golden Sun 12-16″ apart in full sun. They grow 12-16″ tall.

Nana Coreopsis

Yellow Coreopsis

Nana is a dwarf variety that makes a great edging plant.  The yellow-orange blooms shoot up above the fuzzy green foliage.  They spread by sending stolons along the top of the ground.  They do not become invasive because they are slow to spread covering only 3 to 6 inches per season.  Blooms begin in early May and continue into July and may even re-bloom in the fall when temperatures start cooling down.  

Plant Nana 8-12″ apart in full sun. They grow 5-10″ tall.

Uptick Coreopsis

Coreopsis Uptick series is a compact Coreopsis with bushy, mounding plants. The foliage is narrow and medium green. Large flowers cover Uptick all summer long and bloom into the fall.

They are easy to grow and tolerate the summer heat well. Their improved disease resistance makes them a popular choice for flower beds and landscapes. Blooms can also be used as cut flowers.

We carry Uptick Cream & Red, Uptick Gold & Bronze, Uptick Red and Uptick Yellow & Red.

Plant Uptick 10-14″ apart in full sun to part sun. They grow 12-14″ tall.

Uptick Gold Bronze

UpTick Gold&Bronze Coreopsis - Lowes exclusive for one year. No HD or Walmart but ok for IGCs and others. Color Code: 130c, 174c Darwin 2017, #CORP155 Bloom 06.15 West Chicago, Mark Widhalm CORP155_02.JPG COR15-19462.JPG

Uptick Red

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Uptick Yellow Red

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