Costa Rica Trip Part 1

Last week we got to visit the Linda Vista seed and cutting production facility in Costa Rica.  We flew down on Monday and got to the hotel about 8 pm Monday night.  Tuesday started early at 6:15 with a breakfast presentation.  After that we got on the bus at 8 am and headed to the seed production greenhouses.  My wife and I bought a handy new camera for the trip, but we forgot to charge the battery on Monday night so all the pictures we took on Tuesday we taken with my wife’s Blackberry.  On Wednesday, we visited the cutting production greenhouses with a charged camera battery this time.

Here are some pictures from Tuesday and Wednesday:

Costa Rica 015 Sunset from 30,000 feet over the Gulf of Mexico

Costa Rica 034 Costa Rica 037

Costa Rica 038 Costa Rica 041

Costa Rica 042 Costa Rica 045

Costa Rica 097 Costa Rica 098

These two pictures above are of a fern production farm we drove past up in the mountains.

IMG00064 IMG00059

IMG00052 I’m sorry there weren’t any more greenhouse pictures.  I thought my wife who had the camera was taking more pictures than we have.

I will post some more pictures in a few days.

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