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#4 Charley’s Veggies Cucumber

Cucumbers are a tender, warm-season vegetable that can add a crisp cool snap to your favorite salad or sandwich. Cucumbers are an easy-to-grow vegetable that love the hot summer days and plenty of water. They grow quickly with ample waterings.

Cucumbers come in vining and bush varieties. Vining cucumbers are the most common. They sprout vigorous vine with large leaves that shade the ripening cucumbers. They can produce an abundant yield with proper care. Vining cucumbers can be trained up trellises or any similar structure. The ripe cucumbers are cleaner, easier to pick and often more of them. Bush cucumbers are not as vigorous or vining and are best suited for containers and small gardens.

Follow this link to learn more about how to grow cucumbers.

We offer cucumbers in our 1204 Vegetables and #4 Charley’s Vegetables size categories and grow Burpless, Bush Crop, Pickle and Slicer Cucumbers in both sizes. We also offer cucumbers in our #4 Peace Farm Organics and grow Arkansas Little Leaf and Marketmore 76 in that size category.

Burpless Cucumbers

cucumber burpless
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Burpless Cucumbers have dark green, long, straight cucumber with a mild flavor that is easier to digest. Burpless are around 10″ long at full maturity.

Pick Burpless when they reach 1-1.5″ in diameter and less than 10″ long to avoid bitterness in the skin.

Plant in full 18-36″ apart in 60″ rows. 50-60 days to maturity.

Bush Crop Cucumbers

bush crop cucumber ball vegetable
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Bush Crop Cucumbers grow on compact vines which makes them great for container or small space gardening. Vines will not spread out as much as vining cucumbers and are normally less then 36″ long. The 6-8 inch fruit is straight has a deep-green peel.  Bush Crop is great for slicing or pickling.

Harvest Bush Crop Cucumbers when they reach 4-8″ long.

Plant in full sun 24-36″ apart in 36-48″ rows. 50-55 days to maturity.

Pickle Cucumber

cucumber pickle regal high yield © jhc
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Pickle Cucumbers are short and blocky, which makes them great for pickling but they are still good for slicing. They produce dark green cucumbers that are tapered, 3-5″ long and around 1.5-2″ in diameter.

Harvest when cucumbers are the ideal pickling size but don’t let them sit on the vine too long.

Plant in full sun 24-36″ apart in 48-60″ rows. 50-55 days to maturity.

Slicer Cucumber

cucumber slicer poinsett vegetable © jhc
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Slicer Cucumbers are dark green with small white spines. They grow about 7-8″ long with a diameter of 2-2.5″. They have a uniform skin with crisp, white flesh.

Harvest when the cucumbers are 6-7″ long.

Plant in full sun 48-60″ apart in 60 rows. 60-70 days to maturity

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