Allyson ‘Mexican Heather’ Cuphea

mexcan heather cuphea allyson purple

Allyson ‘Mexican Heather’ Cuphea is known for its small, violet blooms and dainty green, fern-like foliage.  Mexican Heather adds an evergreen touch to landscapes and containers. The blooms are tubular with pink throats and the foliage is oval-shaped with a glossy sheen.

Mexican Heather Cuphea blooms continuously throughout the growing season.  In some cases it will come back after a mild winter or where well mulched. The plants have a mounding to semi-trailing habit with very good branching. They perform well in a wide range of conditions and soil types.

Cuphea both heat and drought tolerant and mostly low maintenance. It really stands out in hanging baskets and containers. It also does well in borders and landscapes.

Plant in part sun to full sun 14-16″ apart. Grows 14-16″ tall and 16-18 wide.

We grow Mexican Heather Cuphea in our #4.5 Annual size category.

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