CUPHEA Sweet Talk

Sweet Talk Lavender Splash Cuphea © ball

Batface Cuphea (Cuphea procumbens) is also sometimes called firefly cuphea. They are popular for their unique blooms and bright colors. In addition to that, they also thrive in the heat and are drought tolerant. The last and most popular attribute is they attract hummingbirds and other pollinators.

Sweet Talk Cuphea is a new series of cuphea. They are compact plants with a mounding habit with good branching. The plants are covered in blooms and flower from late spring into fall. This floriferous series offers pollinators a natural source of nectar.

Plant in full sun 8-12″ apart. They grow 8-14″ tall and 8-14″ wide.

We grows Sweet Talk Cuphea in our #4.5 Annual size category and carry all three colors of the series: Deep Pink, Lavender Splash and Red.

Sweet Talk Deep Pink Cuphea batface © ball
Sweet Talk Lavender Splash Cuphea batface © ball
Sweet Talk Red Cuphea batface © ball
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