Dahlinova Dahlias

Dahlias in the Dahlinova series have bright double blooms that stand out against the green foliage. The Dahlinova series produce well-branched plants, and they bloom from spring to fall. The flowers are medium-sized flowers, around 2.5 inches. There is a wide range of colors from red to white and everything in between. There are even a bi-color blooms in this series that are sure to stand out in your garden.

Dahlinova Dahlia offer any garden that splash of striking color everyone enjoys. With dark green foliage and large blooms that seemingly burst in rich, vibrant displays of beautiful long-lasting color, dahlias always deliver a brilliant contrast to any surrounding plantings. In the garden or in a fresh cut flower arrangement, Dahlias are always picture perfect . Their charming blooms have made them popular for centuries!

Dahlias are utilized in border plantings, mass landscape planting, flower bed and containers.

Plant in full sun 8-10″ apart. Grows 10-12″ tall and 10-15″ wide.

We grow Dahlinova Dahlias in our #4.5 Premium Annual size and carry eight colors – Lisa Burgundy, California (red-yellow bicolor), Florida (purple bi-color), New York (pink bi-color), Lisa Dark Pink, Carolina Red, Alabama Yellow and Lisa White. Pictured below left to right.

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