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Delosperman is a drought tolerant plant native to South Africa.  It has rounded succulent leaves that are elongated similar to rose moss portulaca. The foliage is attractive and spreads out in a dense mat that is perfect for spilling over rock walls or filling in along a walk way.  

It works great in rock gardens because of it’s succulent tendencies, and can be grown in a patio container or in landscapes. Delosperma is also known as Ice Plant.

Delosperma doesn’t like wet conditions so make sure that the soil drains well. Once established it is a very tough, drought tolerant perennial. Their cold hardiness is better in drier, western climates. Remove spent flowers to encourage new blooms.

Ocean Sunset Delosperma

Ocean Sunset Delosperma is a hybrid series of delosperma with a high bloom count and large flowers. Blooms close at night and open again mid-morning. It’s showy flowers provide rock gardens and landscapes vivid colors that contrast against it’s succulent foliage. They bloom spring through early fall.

Ocean Sunset Delosperma are drought tolerant once established. They do well in the heat of summer and are frost tolerant in the fall. These low maintenance delosperma are ideal for flower beds and landscapes that are out of the way and don’t get a lot of attention. They will flourish with little effort.

Jewel of the Desert is a dwarf series. The plants will form a low growing mound of evergreen, succulent foliage that makes a nice albeit small groundcover. Remember to not over water them. They like to be dry.

Plant in full sun 12-14″ apart. They are short and grow 4-6″ tall and 10-12″ wide.

We offer Delosperma in our Perennial Quart size category and carry Orange Glow, Orange Vibe and Violet.

Ocean Sunset Orange Glow

Ocean Sunset Orange Vibe

Ocean Sunset Violet

ocean sunset violet delosperma

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