artic fox rose digitalis
Artic Fox Rose
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Digitalis, also known as foxglove, has tubular, bell-shaped flowers that bloom up to the top of tall stalks. The foliage makes a neat clump of fine-toothed, gray-green leaves. Originally from Europe, these tall spiked plants are actually considered to be a biennial.  They will reseed if the stalks are left uncut. However, cutting the stalks when the blooms fade may lead to another bloom in the fall.

They attracts butterflies and other pollinators and is resistant to deer and rabbit foraging. Remove old flower as they decline to encourage new flower shoots.

Foxglove is poisonous if eaten.

We offer Digitalis in our Perennial Quarts size category.

Artic Fox Rose Digitalis

Artic Fox Rose
© 2021 Ball Horticultural Company. 

Artic Fox Rose is a gorgeous digitalis with tubular rose-pink blooms. It is a reliable perennial that comes back each year. In addition to first year flowering, it is long flowering and blooms all summer long on long stems. Artic Fox blooms yearly as opposed to other digitalis the bloom biennially every other year. It’s stately plants stay upright and add tall structure to perennial beds.

It’s a great perennial for cutting gardens and pollinator gardens. It works well in any flower bed or landscape.

Plant in full sun 24-28″ apart. They grow 18-24″ tall and 16-18″ wide.

Yellow Grandiflora Digitalis

yellow digitalis

Yellow Grandiflora has tubular, pale 1-2″ yellow flowers that bloom up to the top of tall stalks. Inside each bell is speckled with brown dots. It is a native of central Europe, Turkey and Siberia. The plants are short and bushy but the flower stems can grow 2-3 feet tall. It’s foliage is deep green lance-shaped leaves. It can have a wild. rangy habit. Yellow Digitalis blooms from early summer to fall.

It grows in all types of soil but doesn’t like to be in constantly wet ground. Moist well drained soil is best. It is drought tolerant once established. Yellow digitalis is a great perennial for partly sunny woodland gardens and native flower beds.

Plant in full sun to part sun 15-18″ apart. Grows 24-36″ tall and 12-24″ wide.

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