Glimmer Double Impatiens

Double Impatiens Glimmer are new for Spring 2023. They have double blooms on dark green foliage. Glimmer is the first Double Impatien series that is resistant to impatien downey mildew.

Double Impatiens add an abundance of brilliant, miniature “roses” to your shady garden beds, baskets and containers. The beautiful double blooms have a classier look compared to other impatiens’ more tropical appearance.

Glimmer Impatiens are one of the best known and most popular garden plants for their prolific flowers and ease in growing. They come in a wide assortment of colors. For vivid color in summer months where other annuals won’t grow because of shade, Impatiens are the most dependable summer annual. They are smart enough to tell you when they need a drink. They wilt when thirsty but will spring back when watered.

Glimmer’s large double flowers grow on tidy, compact plants and are self-pruning. The plants themselves do not require pruning but can be pinched to promote branching. Avoid planting them in a hot, dry location. They do best in evenly moist soils in part to full shade.

Plant in part shade to full shade 10-12″ apart. Glimmer Double Impatiens grows 10-16″ tall and 10-12″ wide.

We grow Glimmer Double Impatiens in our #4.5 Premium Annual flats and #10 Hanging Basket size categories. The Glimmer Double Impatien colors we grow are Appleblossom, Bright Red, Burgundy, Hot Pink, Salmon and White in both sizes.

glimmer appleblossom double impatien container
glimmer appleblossom double impatien
glimmer bright red double impatien
glimmer burgundy double impatien
glimmer hot pink double impatien
glimmer salmon double impatien
glimmer white double impatien

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