Dragon’s Breath Celosia

Picture © 2016 Ball Horticultural Company

Dragon’s Breath Celosia is an exciting alternative for fall color. With it’s extra large plumes of fiery red and reddish-green foliage, it will burn brightly in any landscape or patio container. Dragon’s Breath is the perfect plant for hot, humid climates and the person who might forget to water regularly. In fact, the more neglect the more the bloom power, and the less fertilizer the better! Too much fertilizer will cause the leaves to lose their red tint and turn a greenish-red.

Dragon’s Breath Celosia provides flower beds and borders eye-catching color from mid-summer to early fall and require minimal care. Flower plumes resemble a tongue of dragon’s fire in both color and shape. This Celosia blooms in short days. That means that it will bloom in late spring to early summer. Then stop blooming during the long summer days then bloom again in the early to mid fall. It’s foliage color adds a burnt red contrast to flower beds during the summer. It’s blooms have longevity and don’t fade as fast as other celosias.

Plant in full sun 12-16″ apart. Grows 16-18″ wide and 20-24″ tall.

Dragon’s Breath Celosia is heat and drought tolerant.

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