Dreamland Zinnias

Dreamland Zinnias is a dwarf variety of zinnias with a compact growth habit. They produce large Dahlia like double and semi-double flowers measuring up to 3-4″ across. The bloom colors are eye-catching and vibrant.

Zinnias are heat and drought tolerant. Dreamland is tough and can weather storms better than other varieties.

The flowers are excellent for cutting with an exceptional vase life. The more you cut blooms for bouquets the better Dreamland performs. In addition, dead heading old blooms also helps them do better.

If you can manage it, water Dreamland Zinnias with a soaker hose or from the bottom and avoid overhead waterings. Dreamland Zinnias are more susceptible to mildew disease when the foliage stays wet. If you have to water overhead, water early in the day to give the foliage time to dry out before nightfall.

They are great for attracting butterflies too!

Plant 6-8″ apart in full sun. Grows 10-12″ tall.

Colors are Mix and Yellow available in #4(1801) pot/flat size.

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