Early Plantings

young-dianthuus We starting our early plantings a couple of weeks ago and are now gearing up for non-stop planting.  We’ll soon be planting all day long all week long and a few Saturdays too if we get behind.  We’ve got a good crew so I don’t think we’ll get behind but you never know.

Most of our early stuff are baskets and containers, but we have to plant a few items like dianthus and Wave petunias so early due to their long crop times and our need to have them ready by the first of March.

Here is my crew planting salvia.

transplanting-salvia empire-burgundy-salvia

Babies ready to be planted – Dragonwing Begonias, Fuchsia, Impatiens and Voltage Yellow Osteospermum

dragonwing-begonia-plugs fuschsia-liners

impatien-plugs voltage-yellow-osteospermum-liners

In production – Cabbage, Wave Petunias in pink pots and baskets, Combo Baskets, Combo Deco Pots and a house with a Hypoestes, Plumbago, Ornamental Grasses and a few other items.

cole-crops2 first-6in-waves

first-combo-baskets first-combo-pots

first-wave-baskets greenhosue

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