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Edemame BeSweet 292 (edible soybean) is an American edemame that grows well in a variety of conditions. It produces an abundance of 2″ green pods with 2-3 large, green sweet edemame per pod. BeSweet 292 is the best flavored food grade edemame/soybean.

Edemame makes a delicious and nutritious snack. Home garden and farm market varieties like BeSweet 292 are considered to be for fresh, gourmet (high quality) use. The pods are low in fiber and more tender. The young, green pods can be cooked and the beans popped out and eaten. They also add great flavor when added to rice and pasta dishes.

BeSweet 292 is one of the easiest to grow while also being one of the highest yielding varieties. The beans are higher in protein than either peas or lima beans and sweet if picked and preserved at the proper stage.

BeSweet 292 matures in 85 days from germination. Our live plants are 21-28 days old when shipped which moves the maturity from planting the transplant to 55-65 days depending on how old the plants are when shipped.

Plant in a sunny location when the soil is consistently 65F degrees. Space plants 3-6″ apart. If planting in rows, space rows 20-36″ apart. Plant every 2 weeks to ensure a continuous harvest. Harvest the beans when 50% are 3-4 sieve)in size.

Sieve Size:
1 sieve – 7/32″
2 sieve – 5/16″
3 sieve – 11/32″
4 sieve – 3/8″
5 sieve – 7/16″

Plants reach 24″ tall. Water 1-2 times a week with a deep soaking. If using overhead sprinklers, water in the morning to allow time for the foliage to dry out before nightfall.

Edemame BeSweet 292 is available in out #4 Charley’s Vegetables size category.

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