Fabulous Pansy Finale

We are down to our last crop of pansies. We still have a few #4 pansies and petunias as well as a few J6 petunias. We also have some kale left. Take a look at our Current Availability (link on the right) to see everything that we have left.

pansy-colossus-blotch-yellow5 pansy-matrix-light-blue

pansy-matrix-purple pansy-matrix-rose

pansy-colossus-tricolor pansy-colossus-white-purple-wing

viola-sorbet-select-mix pansy-matrix-yellow1

We are sold out of the Matrix Clear Mix for the season. We may have some come available late next week or the week after if a customer cancels an order. Matrix Clear Mix has been one of our most popular colors for the past several years. It is a bight mix of solid colors. We strongly recommend that you pre-book Matrix Clear Mix in advance of the fall season. We can even book your order now (prices for next year are not set and are subject to change). We can take pre-booked order or custom orders for colors we don’t have in our regular production up to April of 2012 for the Fall 2012 season. If you know what you need, place your order as soon as possible to ensure your customer’s satisfaction of getting the colors they want.


Another option is Panola Clear Mix. Panolas are violas on steroids. When in full bloom, panolas have larger blooms than violas with more flowers per plant than pansies.


Here are some other items we have left.

calibrachoa5 calibrachoa7

kale-red-bor petunia5


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