Fall Bulbs From Parks Bros. and An Updated Availability

header-left Parks Bros. is pleased to announce that we will be selling fall bulbs from The Southern Bulb Co.  Chris Weisinger, owner of The Southern Bulb Co., has spent several years traveling around Texas and other southern states looking for heirloom bulbs which he rescues and propagates.  The bulbs that are available are all proven southern performers and will stand up to the heat, humidity and drought conditions that we here in the South enjoy in a yearly basis.  A lot of the bulbs have stories that go along with them on where the bulbs originated.

Chris and The Southern Bulb Co. has been featured in Southern Living magazine and has another Southern Living article that will be out shortly.  Several of the bulb varieties available are part of the Southern Living Plant Collection.

We have 3 assortments of Fall Bulbs available:

Box Assortment #1spider-lily-bulb

  • Bulb Packages per box: 25
    • 15 – Red Spider Lily – 2 bulbs/package
    • 10 – Grand Primo Narcissus – 2 bulbs/package
  • Call 800.334.5770 for pricing

Box Assortment #2

  • Bulb packages per box: 40
    • 15 – Golden Dawn Narcissus – 3 bulbs/package
    • 15 – Snowflake (Leucojum) – 5 bulbs/package
    • 10 – Oxblood Lily – 2 bulbs/package
  • Call 800.334.5770 for pricing

Box Assortment #3grand-primo-bulb

  • Bulbs packages per box: 40
    • 15 Lady Jane Tulip – 10 bulbs/package
    • 15 Tinka Tulip – 10 bulbs/package
    • 10 Purple/Grape Hyacinth – 10 bulbs/package
  • Call 800.334.5770 for pricing

There are a limited number of these available especially of assortments #2 and #3.  You can visit their website for more information of the bulb varieties.

New Availability: avail09.14-updated


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