Fall Color And Updated Availability

Looks like we are finally going to get a cool down.  It’s raining here today, and the cooler temps are coming in behind the rain.  What this all means is that our mums and pansies should start coming on faster, and we may be able to start shipping some cracking mums soon.  We have a few colors that are cracking but the mums that are available are buds only.

It also means that the pansies should come on a little fasters too.  Next weeks pansy list is a little thin, but we expect to be into some colors of the next crop by Wednesday the 29th.

Availability – avail-9.24

Here are some of the mums that we are shipping and pulling now.

6in-mum1 6in-mum2

8in-mum5 8in-mum8

12in-mum6 12in-mum7

Here are our #6 Wave Petunias which are as good a fall plant as a spring plant.

6in-wave-petunias5 6in-wave-petunias6

Wave Baskets

petunia-wave-blue petunia-wave-rosey-dawn

We tried some #10 Deco Ornamental Peppers for fall this year.  Most of them are still on the small side, but I think there are some good fall colors we can add with the peppers next year now that we have it figured out.

10in-Ornamental-pepper6 10in-Ornamental-pepper5


Dreams Petunias and #10 Dreams Petunia baskets.  The first planting of baskets is all mixes.

dreams-petunias-J6 petunia-dreams2

The rest are assorted pictures.

floral-lace-dianthus8 pansy-matrix-yellow

pansy-colossus viola-babyface-yellow

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