Fall Mum Update – Everybody Is Asking

isaac-damageHey everyone,

We have been getting a lot of inquiries about what the mums look like. I know some store are already carrying them. Showing what we have now is better than telling you so there are pictures below.

Hurricane/Tropical Store/Tropical Depression Isaac has provide some of you all some much needed rain. So far we have only received about 1/2-1” of rain here but east of us has gotten a lot more. A good slow soaking rain is good for the mums and will help speed them along. Isaac also brought us some 45 mph winds yesterday evening. Some of the mums were blown over and we are setting them back up again today. I got home to find a tree across my driveway that had to be cut out of the way.

Enough of that. Now for the plants.

#8 Mums

Early Varieties

mums-8in-36 mums-8in-37

Mid-season Varieties


#12 Mums

Early Varieties

mums-12in-53 mums-12in-59


Mid-season Variety


Fall Annuals – Dianthus, Snapdragons,Petunias and Dusty Miller

dianthus-J6 snapdragons-J6 Dianthus ranges from Scarlet with Color to Violet with Buds only. Snapdragons are consistent with Buds/Light Color now and will probably be Color or Good Color by Tuesday.

petunias J6 petunias-J6-6 Petunias are close. A few colors have Buds and some Very Light Color now. I think they will have more color by Tuesday too. We will be updating the comments on the availability on Tuesday morning if these have changed.

dusty miller J6 A few Dusty Miller are ready too.

Violas are looking really good now.

violas-J6-96 violas-J6-20


Our pansies are not quite where they need to be yet to be put on the availability. We have some Buds and Color popping up but the plants themselves don’t have all the dirt in the flat covered and need to root out better.

J6-pansy-515 J6-pansy-707


Wind damage from Isaac. You can see the dust blowing off the field in the background.

winds of tropical depression isaac

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