Fall Mums and Pansy Update For Oct. 3

fall-pot Hello everyone. I hope your fall is off to a great start. Around here we keep running in burst. It was 90 degrees here yesterday and the high today is supposed to be 78 degrees. From the feedback we are getting, garden centers in some areas aren’t getting their normal level of traffic.

I think that in those areas a lot of consumers are waiting for the weather to finally cool off and I think that they may be waiting for some rain. One comment on our Facebook page said that if it didn’t rain then they weren’t going to plant any pansies this year. That is not good news. However pansy sales are up so far for the year which tells me that their are a lot of people planting pansies out there.

In addition to that, the mums are late in blooming this year. So when it does cool off and the customers start buying in the areas that are having slow sales, there will still be mums available.

If you take debit cards and credit cards, you might want to Google some news reports on what’s happening there. Credit card companies are making changes to counter act the restrictions placed on their fees. I haven’t had time to really dig into all that but if some of initial reports I read are correct, it will affect smaller ticket purchases. So heads up, you probably need to contact your credit card company or bank to find out how this will affect you. Here is the most recent information from Google+.

The Current Availability link is to the right.

Here are the updates for next week:

First up is a 10in Pennisetum pot that was supposed to be a combo pot but the pennisetum grew like crazy in the heat and we were left with these that are now on sale.


All of our pansies, panolas and violas have great color!

colossus-pansies colossus-panys-formula-mix

matrix-pansy-blotch matrix-pansy-halloween-mix

matrix-pansy-sunrise panolas

sorbet-viola-select-mix 4in-pansies1

4in-pansies2 4in-pansies4

This is what our mums that we are shipping out this weekend look like. This is fairly representative of what we will have available for the week. As we ship all of one variety that is Cracking or has a little Color, we will move on to the next variety that will have Big Buds or may even be Cracking too.

8in-mums4 8in-mums5

8in-mums6 12in-mums3

Our Cabbage and Kale are all looking very nice.

6in-cabbage 6in-kale


Our other fall annuals range from Buds to Good Color. Take a look.

marigolds-lil-hero-yellow marigolds-taishan

petunias snapdragons

alyssum wave-petunia-rosy-dawn

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