Snapdragons are a softly scented flower that come in various sizes. Rows of perfectly formed, beautifully painted flowers adorn many stems. Plant snapdragons while temperatures are still cool in spring or early in the summer. Snapdragons produce more blooms when temperatures are cool. They can also be planted anytime in the fall. Plant in early September to enjoy their color all fall then enjoy them again when they rebloom in the summer (mid-sized varieties are the most cold hardy.)

Snapdragons are a popular annual for both spring and fall flower beds. They come in a wide assortment of types such as dwarf, mid-sized and trailing. They also come in a wide range of colors.

They also attract pollinators like butterflies and humming birds.

Snapshot Snapdragons

Snapshot Snapdragons are a dwarf series of snapdragons that stay compact and bushy all season long. Plants stay short and blooms pop up on top of the foliage along their short stems. They do not send up bloom spikes like mid-sized snapdragons. Also, the blooms are fragrant.

Dwarf varieties of snapdragons are cold hardy and will survive a hard frost if the plants are in good condition and not stressed by lack of water or disease. They are not as cold hardy as the mid-sized snapdragons. It’s generally a toss up on whether or not they will survive overwinter and bloom again in the spring. Their survivability will depend on how mild a winter you have.

Snapshot Snapdragons are grown in our J6 6-pack tray.

The colors we grow are Burgundy Bicolor, Mix, Orange, Red and Yellow.

Plant Snaphot 10-12″ apart in full sun to part sun. They grow 6-10″ tall and 10-12″ wide.

Sonnet Snapdragons

Sonnet is a mid-sized variety that makes a great background to plantings of mums and pansies.  They grow to a height of about 24″.

Mid-sized types of snapdragons like Sonnets are typically more cold hardy. They will bloom in the fall then go dormant and bloom again in the spring. A lot of professional landscapers will pinch off the blooms in the fall when they plant them. Pinching promotes more branching in the fall and early spring which results in a lot more blooms per plant.

Sonnet Snapdragons are used for mass plantings or for background plants with a pansy border. Their tall height and bright colors are used extensively by landscapers especially in the fall in the South.

We grow Sonnet Snapdragons in out #4 sq pot 1801 trays.

The Sonnet colors we grow are Bronze, Crimson, Mix, Rose, White and Yellow.

Plant Sonnet Snapdragons 8-10″ apart in full sun to part sun. They grow 108-24″ tall and 12″ wide.

We will hopefully get some better pictures this fall.

Candy Showers Snapdragons


Candy Showers Snapdragon is the very first trailing snapdragon available to grow from seed. The flexible stems make them good to plant as a groundcover or use in hanging baskets, pots and for use in combination planters.

Candy Showers has a mounding/spreading growth habit. They bloom under short days and will be in color spring through fall. They do not bloom much or at all during winter which is typical for snapdragons. Candy Showers Snaps are cold hardy. The can handle a frost or mild freeze. In some instances during a mild winter they will overwinter and bloom again in the spring.

We have planted Candy Showers Snapdragons in the flower beds at our office here on the farm. So far it’s been 50/50 on survivability. We have seen them power through a week long hard freeze in late February where the temps barely got above freezing and survive. We have also seen the not survive a shorter hard freeze in December. Our theory is that they can survive if the freeze comes late in the winter and they have time to be well established before the freeze.

We grow Candy Showers Snapdragons in #10 Hanging Baskets and #10 Deco Pots. We also use them in one of our #12 Fall Deco Combos. Click here for more info on our container sizes.

The colors we grow in our #10 Hanging Baskets are Mix, Purple, Red and Yellow. In the #10 Deco pots we grow Purple, Red and Yellow. Colors grown can vary year to year due to availability from our source supplier. We do not currently sell Candy Showers by color in any container size.

In used in landscapes, plant Candy Showers 12-14″ apart in full sun to part sun. They grow 5-7″ tall and 10-12″ wide.

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