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Mums are vibrant with fall colors! Although they are actually a perennial, most consumers purchase them as an annual for that instant touch of color in their garden.  Whether planted in mass, in containers, or mixed with other fall bedding, the garden Mum is a hardy staple to your fall landscape.

Mums are easy to grow and do not require a lot of extra care. Given adequate water and fertilize they will do very well. Mums are heavy feeders and require more fertilizer than most plants. When watering your mums, wait until the soil starts to dry to water in order to prevent over watering. It is best to apply water early enough in the day for the foliage to dry before nightfall.

8in yellow mums

Mums come in 5 color groups: Bronze/Orange, Purple/Lavender/Pink, Red, White nd Yellow. We also grow Tricolor (3 colors in 1 pot ) in our #12 size that are very popular.

NEW FOR 2024 – NOVELTY MUMS! Beginning in 2023 as a trial and expanding for 2024, we are growing an assortment of what we are calling Novelty Mums. These mums are colors and bloom types that are great colors but don’t fit in our parameters for regular mum production. They include mums with different bloom types such as daisy and spider blooms; and different colors such as two-toned colors and pink mums.

We grow mums in #8 (1 plant per pot) and #12 Deco (3 plants per pot). Click here to see out container sizes.

Plant 16″ to 24″ apart in full sun.

Mums grow 12-20″ tall and 18-24″ wide. Fall mums that are planted in the ground and overwintered will grow larger the next season.

Mums are scheduled and grow according to the color and ready week. For example, a bronze variety that is scheduled for week 39 (last week of Sept.) is Arluno Orange while a bronze variety scheduled for week 40 (first week of Oct) is Makenna Orange. The result of the mums being grouped by color into a scheduled ready week is that each week a new group of mums is ready which means that each week we will be shipping different varieties that can have different shades of color in their color group.

Mums are scheduled to ship in Bud to Cracking Color (some color showing in the Bud). This allows our customers the longest shelf life which also allows garden center customers to get the most enjoyment out of their mums. Sometimes mums bloom early or late depending on how hot the summer has been. All scheduling is based on the average bloom weeks and can vary a week or two earlier or later.

Below are some examples of the range of colors of mums that we grow.

pamela white mum 12in PBF


bronze orange mum judy PBF
pumpkin pie orange mum bronze PBF
mum makenna bronze orange PBF

While generally listed as Bronze, these mums can range from a golden bronze to dark reddish bronze to pumpkin orange. Most of the varieties we carry are orange and dark bronze in this color group.


purple mum PBF
plumberry purple mum PBF
koko purple mum lavender mum PBF

Purple mums can vary from dark purple to lavender and pink. We carry the darker purple colors when we can but sometimes the best variety for the scheduled week is a pink/lavender variety.


red mum mumma mia PBF
red mum (mumma mia?) PBF
red mum PBF (christina or red ryder?)

Red mums colors are fairly consistent with lighter and darker shades. Red blooms typically open up darker in color then lighten up as the bloom fully opens and matures. Again some varieties can be darker or lighter when in full color.


white mum jasoda PBF
pamela white mum PBF
amiko white mum PBF

White mums vary in color from creamy white to pure white. Most fall in the middle with a slightly creamy white color until they fully mature. White mum buds can look yellow while the buds are opening then lose they yellow tint to mature into white with a creamy center.


yellow mum PBF
yellow mum PBF
yellow mum PBF

Yellow mums come in several shades of yellow from golden yellow to bright yellow. Yellow mums are the most popular color of mums due to the bright, eye-catching color and ability to contrast nicely with the other colors.


tricolor mum orange yellow purple PBF
tricolor mum PBF
tricolor mum PBF

Tricolor mums are mum pots with 3 colors per pot. We grow tricolor mixes of bronze, red and yellow and mixes of bronze, purple and yellow. Tricolor mums are nearly as popular as yellow mums. Tricolor mix availability will vary by week due to scheduling different mixes of varieties for each ship week.


As we were planning for our fall 2023 mum crop and we were selecting the varieties to grow, we looked of all the great colors of mums that did not really fit in our normal production. These included mums in different shades, two-tone colors and mums with different bloom types.

Beginning in fall 2023 we added Novelty Mums to our production and in 2024, we have expanded that list to include more colors & bloom types. Follow the link to see all the Novelty Mums and the weeks they are available. for 2024.

gold yellow mum ellen bicolor PBF
red novelty mum daisy autumn sunset PBF
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