Colossus Blotch Yellow Pansy

Pansies are awesome bedding plants for fall, winter and spring color here in the south. For many a fall and winter, we get to enjoy blooming pansies and violas from fall to spring. Cold snaps will shut them down but they’ll pop back out with more color as soon as it warms up. Pansies do best when temperatures range between 45°F and 65°F.

New breeding has improved the classic pansy. These improvements include new colors, brighter colors, larger blooms, more blooms per plant, stronger stems that hold blooms more upright and better cold hardiness.

Follow the links below to see all the pansies that we grow.

Colossus Pansy

Colossus Mix Pansy

Colossus Pansies are mostly blotch faced colors with the additions of a clear face white and clear face yellow. Colossus Pansies have larger sized blooms in the 3.5″ range.

Cool Wave Pansy

Cool Wave Mix Pansy © 2008 – 2022 Ball Horticultural Company

Cool Wave Pansies are a vigorous, spreading pansy that comes in clear face and blotch face colors. Cool Wave Pansies have smaller blooms at 1.5″ to 2″

Matrix Pansy

matrix clear mix pansy
Matrix Clear Mix Pansy

Matrix Pansies hold up to the warmer temperatures in early fall in the south and come in both blotch face and clear face colors. Matrix has mid-sized blooms at around 3″.


clear mix panola
Clear Mix Panola

Panolas is a very cold hardy hybrid of pansies and violas. They come in both blotch face and clear face bloom colors. Panola has blooms in the 2.25″ size range with more blooms per plant than pansies.

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