Cool Wave Pansy

Cool Wave Pansies were introduced a few years after Wave Petunias became such a huge hit with gardeners. Cool Wave Pansies are the next step in the Wave that provides gardeners an option to keep their Waves of color going through the fall, winter and into spring.

Cool Waves are a trailing pansy with mid-sized blooms that are 2-2.5″ wide. The bright colors offered in Cool Wave spill out in waves of color across flower beds and landscapers and over the sides of borders, retaining walls, containers and hanging baskets.

Cool Wave Pansies are vigorous and will spread like a ground cover in landscapes. They can be planted individually to add spots of color that can brighten up cool, dreary days. They are very tough and in addition to being able to handle hot temperatures, Cool Waves are also very cold hardy. We have seen them survive a week of hard freezes where the day temperature barely got above freezing.

To maximize your Pansy enjoyment, plant pansies in late September or October and enjoy them all fall, winter and up into April.

We grow Cool Wave Pansies in our Fall#4.5 Premium Annuals in #4.5 round pots, #10 deco pots and in #10 Hanging Baskets. You can see the container sizes here.

In the #4.5 pots we grow Purple, Violet Wing, White and Golden Yellow. In the #10 Deco pots we grow Mix and in the #10 Baskets we grow Mix, Purple, Violet Wing and Golden Yellow.

Plant Cool Wave Pansies 10-12″ apart in full sun to part sun. They grow 6-8″ tall and 12-18″ wide.

Cool wave Pansy colors we grow:

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