Colossus Pansy

colossus mix pansy J6

Colossus Pansies are a large bloomed pansy that does well in the heat and humidity of early fall in the South. Their upward facing blooms can get to 3-4″ across. 

Colossus has a tight growth habit that is less prone to stretching in warm weather. The Colossus Pansy series is predominately comprised of “blotch” bloomed varieties but it also includes clear white, clear yellow and multicolored blooms.

Pansies are THE cold weather plant of choice for late fall, winter and early spring color. They are exceptionally cold hardy and will thrive in the cool southern winter months. Farther north, they may go dormant, but will flush out and bloom again when temperatures warm up. To maximize your Pansy enjoyment, plant pansies in late September or October and enjoy them all fall, winter and into the spring.

Pansies need little attention in the garden besides an occasional watering. Typically in the fall and winter there is enough rain that they do not need watering by hand. However, they need regular watering during a dry winter. Also they will tolerate a hard freeze better if they are not stressed from being too dry when they freeze.

Plant Colossus Pansies 6-8″ apart in full sun to part sun. They will grow 6-8″ tall.

We grow Colossus Pansies in the fall in J6 6-pack trays and #4(1801) trays. We carry 9 colors in J6 and 8 colors in #4 trays. Not counting the colors duplicated in both sizes we grow a total of 11 colors of Colossus.

J6 Colossus Pansy colors – Deep Blue Blotch, Mix, Neon Violet, Purple Blotch, Red Blotch, Rose Blotch, Tricolor, White Blotch and Yellow Blotch.

#4(1801) Colossus Pansy colors – Deep Blue Blotch, Mix, Purple Blotch, Red Blotch, White, White Blotch, Yellow and Yellow Blotch.

Note: Colossus Mix is a formula mix of all Colossus colors and include the clear face White and Yellow.

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