Violas are an old favorite that is popular for their bright colors and multitude of 1.25″ blooms. Violas are very hardy and are gaining more popularity as a winter annual. Planted alone in large blocks of color or when combined with Pansies in the fall or early spring, violas always make an impressive showing.

While Violas have smaller blooms than pansies, they have a lot more blooms per plant. So don’t be afraid to plant violas what they lack in size, they make up in quantity. Try planting violas as a border in front of snapdragons, kale or pansies. They also do well in containers of any size – large urn down to small pots for apartment windows or balconies.

We grow Violas in J6 6-pack trays only.

The colors of Sorbet Violas we grow are True Blue, Deep Orange, Harvest Mix, Select Mix, Purple, Yellow and Yellow Jump Up.

Plant Violas 6-8″ apart in full sun to part sun. Grows 6-8″ tall and 6-8″ wide.

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