Fall Wrapping Up and Poinsettias Gear Up

We have about 1000-1500 flats of J6 and #4 pansies left plus another 500-1000 J6 petunias and dianthus.  So we are still working on getting those moved on out.  Here is the lastest availability.


Poinsettia sales are strong and despite a 30% increase in production we are once again sold out of poinsettias.  We have started what we call the “Wish List” and are keeping a record of who still needs poinsettias.  Sometime we have some last minute changes that frees up a little bit of inventory.  It also helps us plan what sizes and colors we need to increase.

Spring is in the process of being finalized.  We start sowing the first seed this week.  Our first shipments of fuchsai and ivy geraniums were stuck last week.  In the coming weeks I plan to feature some of the new items we have added to our spring item list.

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