Boston Fern

boston fern basket 12in

Boston Ferns are the most popular ferns. When a person mentions a ‘fern’, the Boston Fern is the plant that comes to mind.  The leaves, called fronds have alternating leaflets of bright green.  It’s foliage is medium to dark green, and the fronds arch down gracefully. Fronds can reach several feet in length.

Boston Ferns are fairly easy to grow and require little extra attention. Ferns like bright light but not direct sun. They will burn in direct sunlight so if hanging them outside, find a nice shady spot.  If keeping them inside, make sure they are in a location where they can get a lot of bright light or they may drop their leaves.

Ferns like tropical conditions which is very warm and humid. You may need to mist them once or twice a week to simulate higher humidity. If you live in the South, you will most likely have plenty of humidity. One way to tell if your location is not humid enough is to check for yellowing leaves.

Keeping the old fronds cut off at the soil line will help to promote new growth.  If your Boston Fern out grows it’s container, you can divide it. To divide, simply cut the plant and root ball in half or thirds or quarters and repot the divisions. Unless your plant was in a very large pot you should not divide more than quartering.

Ferns prefer evenly moist soil. Try not to let them dry out. Large ferns will need to be watered every 1-3 days depending on how hot it is. Monitor your soil closely for a week and you will be able to determine how much water your fern needs.

Hang ferns in part sun to full shade. Bright indirect light or dappled shade is best. Boston Ferns grow 20-40″ wide and 12-18″ tall. Fronds arch down and can reach several feet long.

We grow ferns in our #10 Hanging Basket size category.

Fern Basket
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