FFA Kids Planting At The Governor’s Mansion

The Arkansas Green Industry Association, Keep Arkansas Beautiful and the Arkansas FFA has formed a partnership to promote leadership among the FFA chapters through local horticultural service projects. To kick off our partnership, we organized a planting at the Governor’s Mansion in Little Rock with the help of Holly Morgan, the Mansion Horticulturalist.

Two FFA chapters grew some of the plants for the flowerbeds, and we had about 30 kids show up to plant the plants they grew. The event was successful. The kids worked hard and were great group. Some of them even used one of their senior skip days to come to the Mansion. I enjoyed being there with the kids and being part of the event. Thankfully, the rain held off until we were done planting. I just hope the Governor didn’t see the dirt we tracked in.

Here is a link to the news coverage – http://www.katv.com/story/17955158/students-gain-a-green-thumb-at-governors-mansion

And here are some pictures from Monday. There are a few more pictures that some other took including one with the Governor and all the kids on our Facebook page.

mansion-planting-64 mansion-planting-223

mansion-planting-728 mansion-planting-160

mansion-planting-796 mansion-planting-976

mansion-planting-878 mansion-planting-28

mansion-planting-698 mansion-planting-853

mansion-planting-948 mansion-planting-600 

mansion-planting-76 mansion-planting-455


mansion-planting-397 mansion-planting-563


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