Flower Beds and an Illiterate Dog

By this time most of you have planted your flower beds or display beds. Here at the farm we have some beds in front of our main office. We usually like to plant new products or samples for trialing. This year we don’t have that much new stuff but there are a few new items in there. Here are some pictures. Ignore the illiterate dog and watch for some of the new stuff like Sunfire and Rising Sun Coreopsis, First Kiss Blueberry and Cobra Orange Vinca, Dynamite Cuphea, Northern Lights Lavender Pentas, and Talinum Limon. Also featured in the mix of lovely plants is my lovely wife who did the planting.

p6100011 p6100012 p6100013 p6100014 p6100015 p6100016 p6100017 p6100018 p6100019 p6100020 p6100024

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