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#10 Foliage Baskets

Foliage Baskets are grown in #10 Hanging Baskets size category.

Foliage baskets grow well in full shade but will also grow well in dappled sun locations and locations with a few hours of morning sun. Color contrasts and how vibrant the colors are will depend on the amount of sunlight they receive. Typically, the more sun they get the more vibrant the colors are. While they will grow in full shade, you can hang them in full sun as well provided they have ample water. Avoid full sun in the hottest parts of the summer.

Remember that they will need more water if they get more sun. Allow them to dry out partially but not completely between watering. Overwatering can be a issue with foliage baskets especially if hung in full shade.

Bolivian Jew

Bolivian Jew is a vigorous vining foliage plant with leaves that are green on top and purple underneath. Bolivian Jew mounds and cascades down over its container with runners that can grow several feet long.

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Bridal Veil

Bridal Veil is an easy to grow foliage plant. Tiny olive-green leaves and white flowers cascade in a decorative veil from this elegant trailing plant. Bridal Veil has a vigorous habit that stays bushy and more attractive if pruned regularly.

Foliage Combination

Foliage Combo Baskets contain a combination of Bridal Veil, Bolivian Jew, Purple Jew, Swedish Ivy and Spider Plants. Each combination is different and unique, but will look great on any porch. The different colors, textures and contrasts make for a very attractive foliage basket. These our our #1 selling foliage basket.

Purple Jew

Purple Jew, also known as Wandering Jew, has colorful, striped leaves that range in color. Foliage emerges purple with pinkish-white stripes and mature to either green with silver stripes or purple with grey-green to silver stripes. In low light, the green color dominates, and the purple dominates with more sun.  The vines trail and can grow several feet long.

foliage purple jew basket

Spider Plant (Airplane Plant)

Spider Plant is an easy to grow foliage plant with variegated foliage that archers up and out from the center. Long, stems produce spider shaped sprouts called ‘pups” that can be removed and rooted for more plants or left on the parent plant. The foliage is creamy-white centers with green stripes along the edges.

foliage spider plant basket

Swedish Ivy

Swedish Ivy is easy to care for and handsome in a hanging container. Swedish Ivy has large, bright green leaves with serrated edges.  Its tubular, blooms usually grow in clumps and are either white or pale pink.  Be gentle when moving the plants because the limbs are a bit fragile and can break easily. 

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