Friday Recap and New Availability For Next Week

This has been one of those weeks.  Last Saturday we had snow flurried then highs in the 50s through Wednesday.  Then the highs jumped 25 degrees for Thursday and Friday.  It’s currently 83 F here now.  This kind of weather is tough on plants.  Plus its tough on our people who water who have to scramble to keep up on the hot days.  Luckily we have some great employees who can handle it.

Here is the new availability for next week (week of March 9):  avail0306

I hope everyone has enough product this weekend.  From what I’ve seen around here, everyone is working in their yard or tilling their garden.

Now for the pictures:

kog-coleus1 red-geranium

zahara-mix-zinnia combo-deco

Here’s a video as well.  I thought I was taller. 🙂

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