Friday Update and Availability

Have you ever had one of those day where you thought, “Hey, I don’t have much to do so today will be a breeze!” Only to have the whole day explode?

Welcome to my Friday which feels a lot like a Monday.

Here is our first posted availability – avail-2-19

We added in impatiens, tomatoes, perennials, asparagus ferns and a few other items for next week.  The tomatoes are about tag high.  I will get some pictures of them posted next week.

UPDATE: here is a link to how tall the tomatoes are.

Strawberries in #4 and J6 (606s).


Cole crops – broccoli and cabbage

broccoli cabbage

1204 Dusty Miller and J6 Impatiens

dusty-miller impatiens

J6 Burgundy Salvia with a few buds and J6 Snapdragons with color.

salvia-burgundy snapdragons

J6 Verbena

verbena1 verbena2

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