Kiss Gazania

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Gazania, also known as Treasure Flowers, are a compact annuals with dark green foliage and large daisy flowers. The brilliant flowers can grow to 2.5″ to 3” in diameter making this plant a dazzler in your garden.

Frosty Kiss Gazanias have all the same great characteristics but have dusted silver foliage. The unique foliage adds a level of interest to gardens and containers.

Kiss Gazania have the most blooms per plant and are the longest blooming. Blooms generally begin in late spring and continue until frost. Don’t be alarmed if these African natives close up at night or when it is cloudy, they will open again when the sun comes back out. The flowers are held upright about the foliage and the plants stay short and compact. Deadheading spent blooms will encourage more flowers.

Kiss Gazania are moderately frost tolerant and moderately drought tolerant. They will attract butterflies! Gazanias grow well in hot and dry areas but require good drainage. They prefer sandy, well-drained soil.

Gazanias make great border plants along sidewalks and the front edges of flower beds.

Plant in full sun 6″ to 10” apart. Grows 8” to 10” tall and 8” to 10” wide.

We grow Gazanias in our #4 (1801) Deluxe Annuals size category and carry Frosty Kiss Red, Kiss Mix, Kiss Orange and Kiss Yellow.

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