Gearing Up For The Great Pumpkin

The Great Pumpkin is coming.  Are you ready?  If not, we still have pansies, snapdragons and mums that look great and are guaranteed to stop the Great Pumpkin in it’s tracks.  We have beau coups of  J6 pansies that are starting to color up so no need to worry about disappointing the Pumpkin by not have pansies and mums to go with your pumpkins for your customers.

They were on the availability last week but you may have missed them so I want to point out these awesome fall combo pots that we have ready.  They consist of pansies, violas and snapdragons which are all cold hardy and will re-bloom when the temperatures start warming up next spring.  These pots are a much better buy than a #12 mum that will last four weeks.  Check out the pictures below.

Availability – avail-10.22

Fall Deco Combos

fall-deco-comb0-12in1 fall-deco-comb0-12in2

#6.5 Mums

mum-6.5in1 mum-6.5in2

mum-6.5in3 mum-6.5in9

#12 Mums – the head sizes vary from the medium sized one on the left to HUGE as does the bloom stage which are cracking to color.

mum-12in1 mum-12in4

mum-12in6 mum-12in7


Pansies, Panolas, Violas and Wave Petunias (for you south LA folks)

panola-golden-yellow pansy-delta-true-blue

viola-penny-all-seasons-mix petunia-wave-6in2

Here is a sample of a #6 Plentifall Pansy crop we custom grew for a landscaper.  Based on the information we have seen.  Plentifall Pansies perform well in the landscape.  We currently have plans to offer these as pre-booked items for landscapers and garden centers that want to carry them next fall.

Pansy-Plentifall-purple-wing1 Pansy-Plentifall-purple-wing2

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