Geranium Caldera

Caldera Geraniums are an interspecific geranium series that was bred for it’s spreading habit similar to that of the old Ivy Geraniums.

The difference between them and the newer Caldera Geraniums is that Caldera has the high heat tolerance like the Caliente Geraniums.

Caldera Geraniums have a spreading habit, single bloom structure, intensely vibrant bloom colors and heat tolerance.

They are perfectly suited for landscapes, containers and hanging baskets. They are also pollinator friendly.

Plant or hang in full sun. They grow 10-14″ tall and spread out 20-24″ wide.

We grow Caldera Geraniums in our #10 Hanging Baskets size category and we carry four colors – Lavender Glow, Pink, Red and Salmon.

lavender glow caldera geranium
caldera pink geranium
caldera red geranium
caldera salmon geranium
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