Zonal Geranium

zonal geranium red hanging basket

Zonal Geraniums are known for their large vibrant lollipop blooms. They are popular plants for both gardens and containers. With its bold color palate and cluster design, zonal geraniums are certainly an eye-catching gem in either a garden environment or all on its own. Cooler weather often brings out reddish ring patterns in the foliage commonly referred to as ‘zones’ hence the name ‘zonal’.

Zonal Geraniums are the preferred choice of geraniums for many gardeners for their brighter colors, darker foliage, and larger blooms. They do very well in containers, window boxes and landscapes. Zonals need evenly moist soil and grow best with regular applications of fertilizer. To keep them looking their best, remove old blooms and yellow leaves as needed.

We produce Zonal Geraniums in three size categories – #4.5 Premium, #6 Premium and #10 Hanging Baskets.

#4.5 Premium Fantasia Geraniums

Fantasia Geraniums have medium vigor with dark foliage. The lollipop-type blooms on Fantasia are bright and contrast well with the foliage. It has a good offering of colors. Plants are uniform across the colors. Fantasia is a little bit smaller than Americana and is suited for landscapes, borders, window boxes and smaller containers.

Plant Fantasia in full sun 12-14″ apart. They grow 12-14″ tall.

Fantasia Geraniums are grown in the #4.5 Premium Annual size category. We grow Dark Red, Orange, Purple Sizzle, Salmon, Shocking Pink, Violet and White.

#6 Premium Zonal Geraniums

We offer Zonal Geraniums in our #6 Premium Annual size category. Mojo Geraniums have medium vigor and uniformity across its color selection. Its uniformity and versatility makes them a great choice for all gardens and containers.

The bloom clusters of Zonal Geraniums can get up to 4 or 5 inches across. They will hold together better in the wind, rain and heat without shattering like some varieties. Butterflies will flock to the fragrant blooms but deer and rabbits tend to stay away.

Plant Geraniums in full sun 14-18″ apart. They grow 12-16″ tall and 12-16″ wide.

We grow Mojo Cranberry, Mojo Dark Pink, Mojo Dark Red, Mojo Magenta, Mojo Salmon and Mojo White.

#10 Zonal Geranium Hanging Baskets

Geranium hanging baskets are one of the most popular spring plant items around. You can find them hanging on porches and patios all across the country.

When it comes to our Zonal Geranium baskets we take a focused approach. After many years of growing Zonal baskets we have picked the best performing colors from multiple series. As each year brings us new introductions we will continue to grow the best for our customers.

We carry varieties from the Americana, Mojo, Pretty Little and Tango series. The colors include Cranberry Splash, Dark Red, Dark Pink, Pink Splash, Salmon and White Splash.

Geranium baskets prefer full sun but can be hung in partially shaded spots that get at least 6-8 hours of sun per day.

Calliope Geraniums

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Caliente Geraniums

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