Getting Started for 2012

We have quite a few items already planted and growing for 2012. Some are cool season crops while others are plants that like warmer weather that are in larger pots which take longer to mature. Here are some pictures of what we have going so far.

The picture on the left is our first crop of #6 Dragonwing Begonias and farther back #12 Deco New Guinea Impatiens. Hidden behind them in the back are #4.5 Plumbago. The picture on the right is of the new #12 Rhythm and Blues Petunia baskets which will hopefully look like the picture below that when they are ready. New plants sometimes take some learning to get them to look perfect.

young-plants1 young-plants6

  (Picture ®

These two are snapdragons and some early #4 Annuals.

young-plants7 young-plants8

young-plants9 These are #12 Wave Petunias. We changed them up this year and we think you will like the changes. More on that coming soon.

This last picture is of dirt in pots ready to plant.


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