Great Plants For Shade Beds

We planted a shade display garden here on the farm up near our retail greenhouse so that the customer coming in could get some ideas.  I took some pictures to show you and explain why I think they are great.

P6090142 Impatiens are a must for shade beds.  I like the orange-purple combinations the best.  The Dragon Wing Begonias in the front look awesome with their glossy green leaves and are accent by the hardy fern in the back ground and the margarite ipomoea in the front right.

P6090144 More impatiens and bronze leaf rose begonias with some hardy ferns, a hosta and streptocarpella which seems to be thriving in the bed (don’t see it used much in landscapes).

P6090145 Fiesta Peppermint Double Impatiens – the classy impatiens with the sophisticated look.

P6090149 Bonfire Begonia planted in a hollow log.  Bonfires are not suited to planting in landscapes and need to be planted in patio pots or hanging baskets so that they can hang down and show off their bright orange blooms.

P6090152 Fanfare Orange Trailing New Guinea Impatiens are probably the best impatiens to use in a landscape.  They are tough, drought resistant and can tolerate more sun that other impatiens.  Plus, their trailing habit really spreads out and gets showy.

P6090143 P6090150

P6090151 P6090153

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