Happy Flowers

I was in what we call our loading house where we stage and ship everything.  Anyway, I was in the loading house where I ran into one of our customers who was there picking up her order.  We had a discussion about how the flowers we sell are basically luxury items that people don’t need, but want because they are bright and happy.  Therefore we christened the baskets she had picked out as “Happy Flowers.”

Here are her Happy Flower and our Happy Customer!  We love her.  She’s the best!

happy-flowers happy-customer

Our availability looks pretty good for next week – avail-4.09

We will be temporarily out of a few items for a week but we do have items available that were not available last week.

Now for more Happy Flowers:

combo-basket dahlia-dahlinova

fuchsia marigold-taishan

osteospermum salvia-burgundy

sun-coleus sweet-potato-vine

tropical-hibiscus wave-epetunias

veggies greenhouse

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