Happy Memorial Day–Availability Update for May 26, 2014

Not much to say today, but here is a link on why you should consider raising your prices – https://www.americanexpress.com/us/small-business/openforum/articles/why-its-time-to-raise-your-prices/?linknav=us-openforum-exp-carousel-1-1. The article has some very good points.

I hope all of you have an enjoyable and safe Memorial Day Weekend. We will be back in the office Tuesday morning and hopefully rested and ready to take some orders.

We have some #4.5 premium annuals and #6 annuals available in heat loving varieties like pentas, vinca and coleus.

4.5in new guinea impatiens 5-22-144.5in pentas 5-22-144.5in scaevola 5-22-144.5in vino sun coleus 5-22-144.5in yellow purslane 5-22-146in burgundy star wave petunias 5-22-146in cora cascade vinca 5-22-146in cora vinca 1 5-22-146in cora vinca 2 5-22-146in dragon wing begonia 5-22-146in red kong coleus 5-22-146in wave petunias 5-22-14

Basket availability is getting low but we still have some. We have quite a few Cora Cascade Vinca baskets which are probably the best plant for a hanging basket in the south.

10in begonia bskt 1 5-22-1410in calibrachoa bskt 1 5-22-1410in calibrachoa bskt 5-22-1410in cora cascade vinca bskt 1 5-22-1410in cora cascade vinca bskt 2 5-22-1410in double impatiens bskt 1 5-22-1410in dragonwing begonia bskt 1 5-22-1410in new guinea bskt 2 5-22-1410in petunia bsket 5-22-1410in potunia bskt 5-22-1410in purslane bskt 2 5-22-1410in purslane bskt 3 5-22-1412in baskets 5-22-1412in trailing petuni combo bskt 5-22-1412in trailing petunia combo bskt 2 5-22-14

We have a deco pots in Sunpatiens, Dragon Wing Begonias, Potunias and Petunias.

12in dragon wing begonia deco 5-22-1412in sunpatiens deco 5-22-14

Availability of basic annuals in 1204’s, J6’s and 1801’s is spotty. We are out of a lot of items, have a few of some items and a lots of a few items.

1204 blue salvia 5-22-141204 portulaca 5-22-141204 vinca 5-22-141801 ageratum 5-22-141801 celosia 5-22-141801 hypoestes 5-22-141801 orange gazania 5-22-141801 red bronze begonias 5-22-141801 taishan yellow marigolds 5-22-141801 vinca 5-22-14J6 impatiens 1 5-22-14J6 impatiens 2 5-22-14

We have Caladiums, Colocasia and Polemonium to go with all those impatiens and begonias we still have available.

1801 caladiumns 5-22-141gal colocasia 5-22-141gal polemonium 5-22-14

We have more perennials available than just artemesia and 2 flats of sedum and all of them are good summer perennials. Take a look at the availability. We added some new colors of delosperma. I particularly like the Fire Spinner and am going to try some at the house.

1qt artemesia 5-22-141qt sedum 5-22-14

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