Happy October!

#4 Peace Farm Organic Sweet Basil 10-2-15Doesn’t the Peace Farm Organic Basil look terrific?  Leigh Ann has done a great job with her new Peace Farm Organics line.  If you haven’t tried it, I suggest you get a few flats and give it a shot.  We also have lots of kale, cabbage, and chard, etc.  There are still plenty of pansies and mums in the greenhouses.  Here are some pictures of our offerings for this week.  We’ll start off with some of the Peace Farm Organics.

#4 Peace Farm Organic Chard 10-2-15#4 Peace Farm Organic Collards 10-2-15#4 Peace Farm Organic Kale 10-2-15#4 Peace Farm Organic Lettuce 10-2-15#4 Peace Farm Organic Mustard Golden Frill 10-2-15#4 Peace Farm Organic Parsley 10-2-15#4 Peace Farm Organic Purple Basil 10-2-15

Here are some of our standard cole crops along with some decorative cabbage and kale

J6 Cole Crops Brussels Sprouts 10-2-15J6 Cole Crops Cabbage 10-2-15J6 Cole Crops Cauliflower 10-2-15#6 Cabbage Red 10-2-15#6 Cole Crops Mustard 10-2-15#6 Kale Red 10-2-15#6 Kale White 10-2-15#8 Cabbage Red 10-2-15#8 Cabbage White 10-2-15#8 Kale Chidori White 10-2-15#8 Kale Peacock Red 10-2-15#8 Kale Red 10-2-15

The bedding plants are ready to go

J6 Dianthus Crimson 10-2-15J6 Dianthus Mix 10-2-15J6 Dianthus White 10-2-15J6 Panola Beaconsfield 10-2-15J6 Panola Blotch Yellow 10-2-15J6 Panola Orange 10-2-15J6 Panola Purple 10-2-15J6 Panola True Blue 10-2-15J6 Pansy Colossus Neon Violet 10-2-15J6 Pansy Colossus Purple 10-2-15J6 Pansy Colossus Rose Blotch 10-2-15J6 Pansy Colossus Tricolor 10-2-15J6 Pansy Colossus White Blotch 10-2-15J6 Pansy Colossus Yellow Blotch 10-2-15J6 Pansy Matrix Beaconsfield 10-2-15J6 Pansy Matrix Blotch Mix 10-2-15J6 Pansy Matrix Blotch White 10-2-15J6 Pansy Matrix Clear Mix 10-2-15J6 Pansy Matrix Clear Orange 10-2-15J6 Pansy Matrix Clear Yellow 10-2-15J6 Pansy Matrix Halloween Mix 10-2-15J6 Pansy Matrix Light Blue 10-2-15J6 Pansy Matrix Morpheus 10-2-15J6 Pansy Matrix Purple 10-2-15J6 Pansy Matrix Sunrise 10-2-15J6 Pansy Matrix True Blue 10-2-15J6 Petunia Midnight 10-2-15J6 Petunia Mix 10-2-15J6 Petunia Sunshine 10-2-15J6 Snapdragon Orange 10-2-15J6 Snapdragon Red 10-2-15J6 Snapdragon Yellow 10-2-15J6 Viola Harvest Mix 10-2-15J6 Viola Purple 10-2-15J6 Viola Yellow Duet 10-2-15#4 Pansy Colossus Blotch Blue 10-2-15#4 Pansy Colossus Blotch Red 10-2-15#4 Pansy Colossus Blotch Yellow 10-2-15#4 Pansy Colossus Purple 10-2-15#4 Pansy Matrix Beaconsfield 10-2-15#4 Pansy Matrix Clear Mix 10-2-15#4 Pansy Matrix Purple 10-2-15#4 Pansy Matrix Scarlet 10-2-15#4 Pansy Matrix True Blue 10-2-15#4 Petunia Midnight 10-2-15#4 Snapdragon Mix 10-2-15#4 Snapdragon Rose 10-2-15#6 Calibrachoa Purple 10-2-15#6 Calibrachoa White 10-2-15#6 Pansy Cool Wave Yellow 10-2-15#6 Petunia Wave White 10-2-15

Lastly, here are the mums currently in the loading house.  Have a great weekend!

#8 Mums Red 10-2-15#8 Mums White 10-2-15#8 Mums Yellow 10-2-15#12 Mums Bronze 10-2-15#12 Mums Red 10-2-15#12 Mums White 10-2-15 (2)#12 Mums White 10-2-15#12 Mums Yellow 10-2-15

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