Hello, October!

gorilla Hi October,

How’s it going? September was warm. We sure hope that you cool off. Folks want to plant their pansies and set out mums, pumpkins and hay bales. It’s kind of hard to do when it’s been so hot the pumpkins cook on the porch. And let me tell you, it is hard to get burnt pumpkin off the porch. Why it was so hot I saw one of my neighbors pumpkins explode.

So anyway, we’re glad your back and we are looking forward to having a great time with you. Just be cool. That’s all we ask. September can be such a drama queen. We never know if she’s going to be hot or cold. But don’t tell her we said that.

It’s been one of those weeks here at work as you can see by the picture which is kind of typical for how things go when we are busy. Since we are talking about work, here are some pictures. I gotta jump now. Talk to you soon, October. You take care and don’t work too hard.

Be cool,

Parks Brothers


We have some 1801 pansies but a lot of the look like the blotch white in the first picture. They are growing slowly. Some colors are close to being ready while others are still small. I will run through them again Monday morning to make sure they are good to go and add in more if they do some growing.

1801 pansy 9-27-13 93 1801 pansy 9-27-13 98 1801 pansy 9-27-13 88 1801 pansy 9-27-13 92 1801 pansy 9-27-13 94 1801 pansy 9-27-13 95 1801 pansy 9-27-13 96 1801 pansy 9-27-13 97

1801 and J6 Snapdragons. The 1801’s have GC and more coming on with Buds and Light Color. The J6 Montego Mix Good Color listed on our avail is for the 30 or so flats left of this week’s crop. We will ship out the GC first them go to the next crop that will have a lot more color showing Monday.

1801 snapdragons 9-27-13 89 1801 snapdragons 9-27-13 90 1801 snapdragons 9-27-13 91 J6 snapdragons 9-27-13 9 J6 snapdragons 9-27-13 8

J6 Pansies – we are in good shape regarding numbers and color for next week on most of the pansies. There are a couple of colors that we are low on. The next crop is looking great and a little ahead of schedule so we might be able to dip into it next week if necessary.

J6 pansy 9-27-13 17 J6 pansy 9-27-13 05 J6 pansy 9-27-13 06 J6 pansy 9-27-13 07 J6 pansy 9-27-13 08 J6 pansy 9-27-13 10 J6 pansy 9-27-13 11 J6 pansy 9-27-13 13 J6 pansy 9-27-13 14 J6 pansy 9-27-13 15 J6 pansy 9-27-13 16

Other odds and ends of color. I threw away 280 flats of those really tall J6 petunias and have moved on to this crop which is a little light on color. The rest of these other items are looking good.

J6 petunias 9-27-13 1 J6 petunias 9-27-13 2 J6 petunias 9-27-13 3 dianthus 9-27-13 wave petunias 10in baskets 9-27-13 6in calibrachoas 9-27-13 3 6in wave petunias 9-27-13 2 1801 petunias 1 9-27-13 1801 petunias 2 9-27-13

We have the regular Dreams Petunia baskets ready now.

dreams petunia 10in basket 9-27-13

We are catching up on our mums and will be shipping lighter color and buds cracking color next week. Even though they look green now, 3-5 days will bring on more color.

12in mums 9-27-13 87 12in mums 9-27-13 65 12in mums 9-27-13 66 12in mums 9-27-13 68 12in mums 9-27-13 69 12in mums 9-27-13 70 12in mums 9-27-13 71 12in mums 9-27-13 74 12in mums 9-27-13 75 12in mums 9-27-13 77 12in mums 9-27-13 78 12in mums 9-27-13 79 12in mums 9-27-13 80 12in mums 9-27-13 82 12in mums 9-27-13 86

Mustard, Kale, Cabbage and Chard – not necessarily in that order.

mustard 6in 9-27-13 cabbage kale 6in 9-27-13 6 cabbage kale 8in 9-27-13 3 1 cabbage kale 8in 9-27-13 3 4 cabbage kale 8in 9-27-13 3 5 cabbage kale 8in 9-27-13 3 kale and chard 9-27-13

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