Herbs, Vegetables And Just A Little More Color

We started shipping this week. The demand for plants seems to be starting out well. Based on what the garden centers are saying, a lot of people are anxious to get started planting.

The cloudy, cold weather we had in January has us a little behind on color especially with the upgrade items like #4.5 Premium annuals, Hanging Baskets and Deco pots. However, we are getting a lot of nice color out on our 1204 and J6 annuals plus we have good availability on our 1204 and #4 Vegetables and #4 Herbs.

Our QT Perennials and Stepables® are looking great too.

New to our availability this week are 1204 and #4 Garden Veggies, #4 Strawberries, #8 Tidal Wave Petunias, #10 Foliage Combo Baskets and more 1204’s and J6’s.

Availability – avail-03.7.11

#4-ageratum #6-marigolds

With our 1204’s and J6 annuals were are ranging from Good Color to Buds/Light Color as you can see in the following pictures.

1204-dianthus 1204-marigolds

impatiens3 1204-petunias

J6-begoina2 J6-celosia

Our #4 Herbs, Strawberries and Vegetables are looking great.

#4-herbs #4-strawberries

#4-peppers #4-Rosa-Bianca-eggplant

1204-tomatoes 1204-peppers

Stepables are super.

stepables-irish-moss stepables-mazus-alba

stepables-stare-creeper stepables-veronica-georgia-blue

Quart perennials look great too.

artemesia gailardia

Sorry for the shakiness of the camera work. I am still on crutches after breaking my leg a year ago.

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