Chocolate Mint Herb

Mint HerbChocolate Mint might be for you if you like chocolate and mint together. It doesn’t taste like chocolate but has just enough of a hint to be so aptly named.  This mint is used for it’s coloring as well as herbal qualities.  The foliage is a bronzy-green and has purplish blooms on elongated spikes.

Mint leaves can be harvested throughout the growing season.  It is recommended that you use scissors to clip from the top of the plant.  This will promote more leaf production lower on the plant.

Mint leaves can be dried in a single layer on a tray or screen turning a couple of times the first day.  Be sure they do not overlap.  The leaves need to be completely dry before you put them in an airtight container.  If moisture shows up in the container, lay the leaves out on a paper towel to dry more.  You can also freeze them whole.

Size: #4

Spacing: Plant 24″ to 36″ apart.

Height: Grows 18″ to 24″ tall.

How To Grow: Plant in full sun to part shade.

Outstanding Features: Has many used from teas to desserts and many other culinary dishes that require mint.Mint Apple attracts butterflies and bees and has many uses as fragrance or flavoring.

Tips: May need to be grown in a container because of it’s rapid and vigorous growth.

Uses: Culinary Herb, Garden Bed, Containers

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